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Karl Doyle is a Trinidadian-born painter, and self-taught graphic artist and photographer with an interest in event and media production.

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Living by God's grace.
Searching, expressing, sharing and connecting.

Visual art, music and discussion are the means by which I wish to explore and establish where I am spiritually and professionally.

To me, bold self-expression should not be mistaken for an excuse or invitation for vulgarity or indecency in any artform, and at the same time that sobriety in thought and action does not mean being boring. It calls for the ability to exercise one's freedom through any medium or artform while instinctively and fearlessly honouring God, our Creator and our source of creativity.

My work highligts memories, desires, concerns and my perspective on everyday scenes and sounds typical of contemporary Caribbean society.


My art is mainly figurative. I make use of solid lines and my palette shifts between bright, bold colours, and simple black & white, with my media of choice being either acrylic paints, oil pastels, graphite or black ink.


I express my passion for music through Caribbean Jazz music composition, and in performance on drums and percussion.

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