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  • Emancipation 2018

    Freedom of Thought - Sea of Memories. 2018 © Karl Doyle tntkarldoyle.com 2018

  • thoughts - July 26 2018

    i once thought it a good thing to take time to laugh and to make others laugh, but now I'm wiser and know it to be absolutely necessary.

  • The little things that count.

    "Every ounce of effort adds up to make waves in the sea of progress" - Karl Doyle, 2018

  • Who's NEX?

    Hi all. Welcome to my blog. My name is Karl Anton Doyle and I hail from Trinidad & Tobago, a twin-island republic at the southernmost end of the Caribbean. As mentioned in my bio, I am an artist and musician, but what I didn’t mention is that I currently work on my craft after-hours. My 'bread & butter' is not entirely dependent on painting and playing the drums… for now at least. Having never before in my life, posted to or managed a blog, this feels a little intimidating but I believe that I’l…