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    Unfinished Business (Rat Race)

    Unfinished Business - Rat Race (2019)

    This prison in which I've put myself... I slipped in without hesitation it seems.

    I see the sun rising... I see clouds drift away... darkness settling over the land... Seasons change.

    In the quiet, still, loneliness of the night I worry about time and how it escapes me.
    I don't only see... I consider the sages and how they impressed on these people and this space, how they lived... How they live... How they intend to live...

    what am I?

    Oh God... rescue me from this time of dryness...

    This, once felt like a time of regret, but there is rest...

    Rescue me from my dreams and deliver me unto a reality that I can feel... that I can breathe. My desire is not that I should return to a past life but to continue, and attend to this unfinished business.

    - Karl Doyle





    ‘Rat Race’ 24’ x 18’
    Oil pastel & Acrylic paints on paper
    Karl Doyle 2018 © www.tntkarldoyle.com


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