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    Who's NEX?

    Hi all.

    Welcome to my blog.

    My name is Karl Anton Doyle and I hail from Trinidad & Tobago, a twin-island republic at the southernmost end of the Caribbean. As mentioned in my bio, I am an artist and musician, but what I didn’t mention is that I currently work on my craft after-hours. My 'bread & butter' is not entirely dependent on painting and playing the drums… for now at least.

    Having never before in my life, posted to or managed a blog, this feels a little intimidating but I believe that I’ll soon get the hang of it. I intend to use this space to share updates, thoughts, questions, discoveries, and even jokes, in an effort to reach out to the world, to learn more, to exchange, and to grow.

    To kick things off, here’s what’s happening on my end:

    Art Exhibition:

    Wednesday 22 March - Saturday 1 April, 2017
    Art Society of Trinidad & Tobago (ASTT) Gallery,
    Federation Park,
    Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, W.I.

    CONNEXIONS. 22 March - 1 April, 2017. ASTT Gallery, POS. TT

    Connections; Community; Interdependence; Links; Thought; Process; Future; Next

    ‘CONNEXIONS’ is the first exhibition in which I am being featured as the main artist. Under my company, Blue Culture Arts Organization Co. Ltd., I am curating the show and have invited a few of my friends and colleagues to share some of their recent works as well.

    The show features:



    The theme ‘CONNEXIONS’ is a play on words - CONNECTIONS and NEXT.
    Connections; Community; Interdependence; Links; Thought; Process; Future; Next

    This is really a call to encourage our friends, coworkers, loved ones and strangers, to pause for a moment and consider the many ways in which we affect one another – physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially... the list goes on.
    Have you asked yourself, “What effect did I have on whatever or whomever? What happens next?”  Now this is not about dwelling in the past or getting paranoid over what-ifs as much as it deals with connecting with each other beyond the superficial, and jumping into the multi-layered, multi-textured, almost inexplicable dimensions of our respective relationships and thoughts.

    Who's NEXt ?

    The other trajectory refers to a series of negotiations between us the artists participating in the show, and the rest of the arts community in Trinidad & Tobago and the wider world.

    “This is who I am, and this is what I have to offer… what can I do? What do you need? This is what I want from YOU! Can you see me? Do you hear me? Do you understand me?”

    My promise

    Now, it admittedly is not the answer to the question “What is an emerging artist?” as much as it is an invitation to consider a promise, one I would like to make right here, that: I will learn about life that others may love not only my work, but life itself.

    Interpreting the idea of ‘CONNEXIONS’ may not even come to pass through the production of the work or even observing the works of art, but can surely be appreciated by reaching in, reaching out and connecting with one another through discussion.


    Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to share your comments, and don't forget to save the date!
    Here's a link to the event on Facebook if you need a reminder, and a map with the ASTT Gallery's location. See you there!

    God bless!


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